The Golden Globe


  • Title: The Golden Globe
  • Author: John Varley
  • Year: 1998
  • Type: Novel
  • Series: Metal trilogy
  • Number in series: 2


(Thematic) sequel to Steel Beach, middle of an announced "Metal" trilogy taking place from a universe slightly different from the early Eight Worlds stories. The narrator, consummate actor and a skilled con man Kenneth "Sparky" Valentine, races across the solar system to be on Luna in time to play King Lear, dodging an assassin from the Charonese Mafia.


  • 1999. The Golden Globe Locus Poll, Best SF Novel (Nomination)
  • 1999. The Golden Globe Prometheus, Prometheus (Best Libertarian SF Novel) (Win)
  • 1999. The Golden Globe Endeavour, Distinguished Novel or Collection (Nomination)


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